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What the iPhone 5 needs to succeed

iPhone – A name that took the mobile industry by storm when it launched back in 2007. It did somewhat revolutionized the phone industry, but it looks like the phone is no longer famous as it used to be. Sales and market share is falling, and more and more people are adopting phones running Android, thanks to it’s open-source model, feature richness, and greater customizability options. Though these things can never be inculcated in iPhone because of Apple’s controlling nature, and the iPhone will not be able to beat the sales of Galaxy S3 due to the late release cycle of iPhones, and also Galaxy S4 (or some other Android-powered smartphone) with better hardware specs and an improved version of Android will be available after a few months of iPhone 5’s launch, there are a few things that might just give some life to the iPhone.

Sleek Design

When the iPhone was launched, the first thing that came into the minds of the people was the unique design of the phone. The design is old and boring now, and there are lots of phones with similar or better designs. Apple needs to come up with a unique design again, which will make people say “WOW!” again.

Bigger Display

3.5 inches is so 2009-ish. This screen size used to look great during the times of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, but not now. Many companies have started to integrate 4 or 4.5 inch high definition screens into their devices, which are easier to work with and great to look at. For example, the Galaxy S3 has 4.8 inches of screen, the HTC One X has 4.7 inches of screen. Phones with big screen sizes is the trend now and phones with such screen sizes are well applauded by the community. If the iPhone 5 doesn’t have a 4+ inch screen size, it’ll give iPhone users a hard time.


4G is something that has been missing from iPhone since a long time. Most Android phones have 4G LTE support in them, and even Windows Phones have it. One of the key reasons for the success of phones is that users want to explore the 4G technology and there are so many countries which offer LTE connectivity. While I do think that the iPhone 5 will have 4G chip as the new iPad also has it, if it doesn’t, I highly doubt iPhone 5’s success. Qualcomm recently revealed the fifth iteration of its new radio chip, which supports  TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, EV-DO, HSPA+, embedded GPS, and LTE on TDD and FDD networks globally. The chip is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Android devices, and it’ll be great of the new iPhone has this chip.

OLED Display

The most recent smartphone that left a dent on the whole smartphone industry is the Galaxy S3. It has a Super AMOLED HD display. This screen technology is also brighter, thinner with AMOLED HD displays being 18% more energy efficient than the old Super AMOLED and SuperAMOLED plus displays. Not to forget the display is high definition 720p. On April 4, the Korea Times reported that Apple is interested in switching to OLED from LCD displays for its next round of iPhones and iPads. If Apple chooses to switch to SAMOLED or some other variant of OLED, it’d be great for the future of iPhones.

Quad Core

Not having a quad-core processor in iPhone 5 will surely piss a lot of potential buyers. It did piss a lot of users when Apple didn’t include a quad core chip in the iPad 3 and as technology moves forward, the requirements of apps and games also increases. Having plenty of hardware is always good, specially for the future. If Apple chooses to just bump up the GPU and not upgrade the processor, well, you know what will happen.

More Storage

Storage has been a major issue nowadays with people who own an iPhone. They need more space to store their movies, photos, and other data on their phone. The iPhone provides 16, 32 and 64 GB of storage and has no SD card slot for storage expansion. I don’t think Apple will include a SD card slot in iPhone 5, perhaps, a 128GB model will surely make a lot of users happy.

Better Battery Life

As we all know, iPhones don’t provide enough battery life and it has be recharged every 8-12 hours, if you’re going to be browsing the internet on it, clicking photos, watching videos, playing games, making calls and more. These activities consume a lot of battery. If Apple plans to add 4G LTE in iPhone 5, it needs a better battery capable of supporting 4G as well as the user’s needs throughout the day. They will attract a lot of users as one of the key reasons why people don’t prefer iPhone is it’s bad battery life.

Do you think the iPhone 5 will be a success? Why? Comment below!


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  • was it worth making an article on a failed thing ???

  • […] the original post:  What the iPhone 5 needs to succeed This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Facebook, free-newsletter, Gadgets, Iphone, […]

  • ما رح تعرفني

    أعشق ذاك الذي يجعلني أراقب الهاتف بمكالمة فائته أو عدمها……

  • I am moving onto an android phone and an android tablet. Jellybean is looking good. IPhone is looking old. Not the cool product it used to be. It looks old and dated. I have lost interest in this device. Goodbye iPhone. Thank you to android for giving me options.

    • Yeah, iPhone and its software are very outdated in terms of hardware and technology available in the market nowadays. Android is light years ahead of Apple any day. Jelly Bean has loads of features, looks modern and can be customized endlessly. iOS is too closed and has very less features. People say it’s simple, but it’s TOO simple.