iOS 7 jailbreak arrives for iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices: Untethered

Last September was a complete tech month for all the tech fans out there. iOS 7 was made available for public in the same month alongside its new iPhone 5S and some more other announcement. iOS is known as the best and the most popular smartphone platform and the World knows about it. Apart from everything else, iOS devices need something hacky to rejoice them to its optimum level. Yes, its Jailbreaking. Well, Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak is now available for those who have upgraded their iDevices with this latest iOS 7 operating system. More details are here!

iOS 7 was announced back in September month with a bang. And since then, many of the users like you have been waiting for its Jailbreak to come. Of course, there are so many other Jailbreaks are available for iOS 7, however this one’s Untethered which means your device won’t reboot again and again after Jailbreaking it with this new Unethered iOS 7.

There are a number of iOS hacking groups available in the Tech market and from them, evasiOn has made it possible to bring this Untethered and the very first Jailbreak of iOS 7. Time to boost up your iDevice with all the new awesomeness. Since it’s an unofficial act, you are requested to bring some care before applying any updates on your device. This could be quite dangerous for some devices. All it needs is some care taken at the time of the installation process. In addition to this, you are here to grab this new Untethered iOS 7, here’s the official download link below : 



Download evasiOn7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

iOS 7 Jailbreak

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