iOS 5 Release Date is 12 October! Test it Before Upgrading to iPhone 4S

The Technology world is getting some mixed news these days and it goes by iPhone 5 rumors, Apple releasing iPhone 4S, Steve jobs’ death, Android to release new updated Android OS and many more. Meanwhile, there was a news which somehow didn’t catch much attention and it was of iOS 5 release date!

At the apple event on 4th October, they announced the release date of their new updated OS called iOS 5 and the release date of iOS 5 was October 12.

iOS 5 release date

The features of iOS 5 goes as below :

  1. new notification center (All your notifications at one place)
  2. iMessage (Service similar to BBM and whatsapp)
  3. Newsstand (All your subscriptions at one place)
  4. Twitter integration directly to iOS5
  5. New improved camera
  6. Photo enhancements
  7. iCloud!

The iOS 5 is releasing with iCloud service which allows you to store all your data in cloud and you can sync it with all your Apple device in one go!

Those bypassing the iPhone 4S and opting to upgrade their current Apple devices with the new iOS 5 operating system are in luck: its October 12th release date means you’ll get your hands on it two days before those upgrading to the 4S. That means those currently sporting an older model like the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS can download and install iOS for free and essentially test drive its new features before deciding whether to go full-bore by upgrading to the 4S hardware.

The iOS 5 experience on older iPhones will be limited due to their comparatively less capable hardware specs. The new Siri voice assistant feature of iOS 5, for instance, will only run on the 4S thanks to its dual core A5 processor. Still, a bevy of new features await existing iPhone users once the iOS 5 update goes live on its release date next week.

So, what will you choose? Upgrade and test or test and upgrading? Choice is yours and remember, it is not just the iPhone which will be getting the iOS 5 update, count iPads in that list as well 😉

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