How to Install Windows 8 Virtually Using Virtual Box

Hey everyone, as I posted my review on Windows 8 yesterday and after that I was very excited to try out this new release. I started downloading it as soon as it became available, finished it and then started installing. I tried 4 different ways to install it using a virtual machine but I couldn’t get it installed at all. I researched few things and finally, I managed to get it working on the 5th try. Here is my tutorial about how to install it using Virtual Box.

The reason why I wanted to install it virtually was that as you know, it is just a developer preview and must be having many bugs, lack of feature and for this preview, no one will want to give up their current operating system. Just keep going through the steps below and I am sure, your Windows 8 will be working fine with Virtual Box.

Please note that I’ve installed it on my virtual box in Mac OS X Lion. The tutorial should work for all operating system though.

1. Download Windows 8 from the links provided here

2. Download Virtual box

3. Now just Keep on configuring your virtual box as shown in the pictures below








4. Now at the final click on “continue” will show you the summary of the settings you’ve done so far and click on “Create” when you see that screen. You’re almost done!

5. Now you’ll see a screen like this :


6. Click on “settings” and Open “system” tab from it and configure it as shown below.




6. Now to use the iso file you’ve downloaded, Go to “Storage” tab from the “Settings” window and you’ll find a storage tree. There will be a branch under “IDE Control” in that box saying “Empty”. Look below :


7. As you can see, “Attributes”, keep the dropdown menu selected as it is but there you can see the disk button. Click on it and select “Choose a virtual CD/DVD Disk file” and navigate it to the file you’ve downloaded of Windows 8.

8. That’s it! Save the settings and power on the machine you’ve created. It will start the installer. Install it and you’ll see your all new Windows 8 ready for the test from you.


I hope this tutorial was easy to understand and I am pretty much sure you will get your Windows 8 up and running. Thank you and don’t forget to share this and comment on this tutorial. Thanks and wait for my detailed review about Windows 8 once I finish my testing. Cheers.

Update : You will need to increase your screen resolution inside windows 8 to be able to use Metro UI apps. To do this, simply click on control panel from start screen > more settings > it will open the native old control panel. Then type “display” and increase the resolution to over 1024*768 and your all apps will work well.

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