How to Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview Using VMWare

As you’re aware, Windows has released their new OS named Windows 8 at Mobile World Congress 2012 couple of days back. As It is just a Consumer preview of Windows 8 and not a final version, it is not recommended to install it as your primary OS. You can install it in another partition of your hard disk but I have a better way to do so : Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview using VMWare.

We Did cover the launch of Windows 8 Developer Preview and also wrote a tutorial about how to install Windows 8 Developer preview using VMWare and now that we have an advanced version of Windows 8 again, I’m here to provide you a way with which you can install it using VMWare. Note that, installing it directly into your system won’t be a good idea so it’s better you use a VMWare just to install Windows 8 and test it up.

So, below are the steps you’ll need to follow to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview using VMWare. Note that, as I’m on a Mac system, I’ve used VMWare Fusion 4 to complete this process.

1. First of all, you’ll need to Download Windows 8 Developer preview

2. Download and Install VMWare Fusion for Mac (Free Download) or VMWare Workstation 8 For Windows (Free Download)

3. Run your VMWare and Make a New workstation, choose the iso file you downloaded from the Step 1 and when it asks you for the OS, choose “Windows 7” as given in the screenshot below :

Windows 8 in vmware

 4. In the nest step, you’ll be asked to set configuration for your Windows 8. Check out the minimum system requirement for Windows 8 and then set them up according to it.

5. Once done, start the virtual machine and follow the steps prompted at the screen. Setup process is somewhat same as it was in Windows 7. When the installation is finished, you’ll need to create a microsoft account.

microsoft account in windows 8

6. After all the process you’ve followed patiently, let it load up and you’ll have your Windows 8 Consumer preview installed and ready to be used.

windows 8 installed

The above was the only process you needed to be able to install and run the all new Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

You can now play with the things around and also subscribe to our feeds as in the next post, I’ll be posting an in-depth review of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview which I’ve installed by following the above process. Cheers till then! Do let us know if you find any difficulty installing it. Do read my Windows 8 Review.

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