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How to Install iOS 6 Without UDID Registration or Developer Account

I know, you’ve been waiting for this and finally I’ve found a way to do so : Install iOS 6 without getting your UDID registered or without having Apple’s Developer account. Yes, this tutorial will explain how you can install iOS 6 without UDID registration or a developer account.  I can confirm that this method is 100% tested and working by me itself so all you have to do is to follow this tutorial completely as explained and you’ll have iOS 6 installed on your iDevice!

install iOS 6 on iPhone, iPad

So, without much ado, let’s quickly go through the process. Things you’ll need :

Install iOS 6 without UDID registration or Apple developer’s account : 

  1. Download iOS 5,1,1, iOS 6 from the above links.
  2. Download and install the latest iTunes 10.6.3.
  3. Restore your iPhone to iOS 5.1.1 using iTunes. Don’t forget to take a backup before restoring. If your iDevice is not running on iOS 5.1.1 then get it run on it and you can proceed after that.
  4. Once done, plug-in your iDevice to iTunes. In the home of your iDevice in the iTunes you’ll find a “Version” section. Press “Shift+left click” on “Check for updates” button there and it’ll popup a window from where you’ll need to choose the iOS 6 you downloaded for your device.
  5. Now, let the process finish and install iOS 6 Beta to your device.

You’re done, congratulations. Once the process successfully completes, you’ll have the new iOS 6 installed in your device and that too, without any UDID registration. Almost all the people have reported that it’s working and there might be some minor issue following the  method for those who report it as not working but I’ve tested it and it’s working all fine.

Still, if you have any doubt following the method, I present you a video which will guide you through :

All the very best. Do comment if this method works for you and oh yes, please share the page with others if it helps. Thanks for joining with SkotGat today, stay subscribed.

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