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Instagram Shuts Down Twitter Feature

Instagram, a smart app for sharing your images with some tremendous color and background effects on them. And I think you all might have heard of this app. Now, recently there something happened between the popular Twitter and Instagram. Twitter had silently announced that they are bringing down a brand new app for sharing users photos though Twitter. Instead, they didn’t look on to Instagram’s own feature that Instagram is doing the same for ages. Keep on reading!

And keeping self respect ahead, on Wednesday Instagram turned off a feature that allowed easier photo viewing for Twitter users. On the same day, Twitter has tweeted about this issue, “Users are experiencing issues with viewing Instagram photos on Twitter”. This tweet was revealed from San Francisco based Twitter.

Additionally on this, “This is due to Instagram disabling its Twitter card integration, and as a result, photos are being displayed using pre cards experience. So, when a user click on the Instagram link (Attached with a particular shared photo) , photos appear cropped or not so good”

Everyone knows about Instagram’s integration to Facebook and Twitter, with a single click you are allowed to share your photos on to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And I think this is the most coolest integration for all the users and one should appreciate this. Instead Twitter has moves its feet out and announced their own app, that doesn’t make any sense. Because, Instagram has already a lot of and enough users so there makes no sense to launch your own app.

For this, Instagram has already started to finish its integration with such social network and today finally we can see the changes. More on, Instagram stated that, we have enough users and we have our own potential to make money through ads or other mechanism, instead of letting Twitter get the benefits. Now, this seems a genius step!

And how can you forget Facebook! Facebook has already acquired Instagram in the past September month with a huge price of $1 Billion, it could be decrease because of the Facebook’s share price. With this collaboration, people can share their own profiles with whomever they want to share and of course they can follow other Instagram users too. Commenting and likes are the same features in it.

This was all about the App clash in the field of smartphones. What do you think about this move from Instagram? Is it quite fair? Do let us know your thought and do not forget to put comments below in the comment box.

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