We have one ingress invite to give away! [updated]

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You read it right! We have an Ingress invite to give away! You can think of it as our New Year gift to you. But what is Ingress? Well, it’s a really cool augmented reality game, recently launched by the Google-owned Niantic labs. It’s currently in closed beta, which makes it very difficult for you to get an invite in order to play the game on your Android device. But thanks to us, you could be playing Ingress this New Year. So how do you enter the giveaway? It’s quite simple, just follow the instructions below:



Share about the giveaway on social networks like Facebook,  Twitter, etc using the Rafflecopter widget below as it will greatly increase your chances of scoring the invite. The giveaway will run from today till 1st of Jan. We will be declaring the winner on Jan 1st 2013 itself. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Give away over. Congratulations to Naman Dhanuka for winning the giveaway!

17 Comments on “We have one ingress invite to give away! [updated]”

  1. Ayush Jha

    The surreal connection with the real world coupled with the sheer amount of über-pwnage that can be enjoyed to the fullest with the game is truly EPIC. the Player can join either one of the two factions n do your best for YOUR faction worldwide! : Resistance or Enlightenment.
    Truly, it WILL revolutionize the way people look at games!

  2. Luka

    This is a great way to increase awareness. And Ingress is one of the reasons Im switching to my google nexus for a while :)

  3. Naman Dhanuka

    I can’t really comment on how this game is because I’ve never played it, but I really want to, google’s foray into augmented-reality is what I badly want to try. (especially on my tab2 :P)
    Tried my luck at many giveaways, hope it win this one. :D

  4. Jelle

    I’d love to play this game ’cause its, I think, a first in it’s genre. I really like the idea!

  5. Akshat Mittal

    You asked “What’s the best thing about Ingress?”.

    I think the answer would be better after playing the game! The game seams like its Awesome, its by Google, and feels like a new breakthrough in AR and gaming.

  6. Ashlee

    The best thing about Ingress is the fact that you have to get up and actually move. It’s like working out yet still having fun!

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