Some Improvements We Would All Want On The Next Version of Android

Android is part of a lot of people’s daily life and it has transformed itself into one of the widely used mobile operating system in the world. But like every other man made stuff, its not perfect. None of the softwares are. Over the years, we have seen it evolve beautifully, all the bugs taken out, UI changes, API changes and whatnot. But as a user for over 6 years I still can find some serious user experience issues on Android (some not at all serious) that I and many other users prefer having removed or solved.


SMS/MMS was recently merged into a single application called Hangouts. I do not prefer this since I would always want my SMS saperate from my Google talk/Google plus messenger. One being privacy, the other because it ridiculously slows down the texting experience. The hangous app boot up on the Nexus 4 takes a solid 1 second every time I open it. Plus the sending of a new message is very confusing and takes a whole 2 steps.

Chrome browser

Where do I start with this? Right from the launch Google chrome on Android was not a usable browser. At least on mid-lower end devices. It was just too heavy for the phone. Transitions were laggy, couldn’t retain pages, consumed a sizable amount of RAM. Even though it has improved a lot it still has UI issues, tabs that doesn’t respond, missing buttons. A little more faster and better web page handling would make this a huge improvement on the Android user experience.

Google Drive

Yes Google, Google Drive is useful. Its editing features and storage are impressive too. But a simple auto backup of SMS and Call logs won’t hurt the ecosystem at all. I mean we have been dying to get an iCloud like ecosystem where I can read all my data when I change my phone or ROM. This would be a killer feature for many. (I know for everything I’ve talked about, there are apps on the market. I’m just taking about what Google should build right into Android).


There is nothing wrong with the notification system. Its one of the best implementation in the world. Truly world class. But certain notification guidelines are not followed by many apps and that in turn slows down the UI. For instance if you run an app that pushes out notification, once you pull down to see it, the UI lags. This is even there on the lock screen. Google made it easy to access notifications even without unlocking the phone but it’s very laggy on 4.4.x. Try it for yourself. I hope they find this small bug which makes it very irritating for perfectionists like myself.


I was really surprised when popular blogs reviewed the Android 4.4 redesigned dialer. They all seemed to like it. Unfortunately this is the worse redesign from google on Android in recent times. Apart from the confusing UI, even after using it for months altogether I stillstill stumble on even saving a number. I swipe to the left to see my call log thereby removing a contact from favorites. Crazy UI. Hope they redesign it again.

Thanks for reading this. Leave a comment if I have missed something.


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