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HTC One Vs Sony Xperia Z : What’s your choice?

Two giants have released their own high end featured smartphones, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. The much anticipated HTC One carries a hundred of innovative features while the newly launched Sony Xperia too holds a bunch of new features. Xperia goes viral after it got released and everyone expects to own this device. Well, time will tell us which one stands as the best smartphone for the current times. Just for a comfort side of yours, I’ve prepared this article which shows you the comparison between these giants, HTC One Vs Sony Xperia Z.

HTC One Vs Sony Xperia Z (2)

Comparison between HTC One and Sony Xperia Z :

1. Processor and Operating system :

Both the devices have a powerful processors in them, HTC One has a very talented Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad-core processor at 1.7 GHz. While the new Sony Xperia Z is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor with 1.5 GHz. Looks like a smae processor in different devices. These processors needs a good RAM to load up the things well and for that 2 GB of RAM available in these devices. Moving on to its operating system, HTC One and the New Sony Xperia Z run on the same Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

2. Display and Design :

Of course, HTC One and New Xperia E both have an HD display but here the New Sony Xperia slightly moves ahead and make a lead. The new Sony Xperia Z comes along with Full HD reality display which holds you pictures and videos with a good sense. HTC One has 4.7 Inch full HD display while the new Sony Xperia Z has 5-Inch full HD reality display. With this Sony Xperia Z brings a new technology in its display with razor sharp and super bright features. We can clearly see which device leads here!

3. Storage Capacity :

Smartphone needs more storage space to install apps and games, cause it is just made to use such amazing apps and high graphic games. HTC One has a 32 GB of internal memory with 64 GB of expansion option. You can expands it up to 64 GB using a microSD card. While the new Sony Xperia Z has 16 GB of internal memory which only can be expanded up to 32 GB. Here HTC One leads up.

4. Camera :

If you have a smartphone with a good camera you can make your own photography world around us. Smartphone offers numerous apps which is compatible with your phone’s camera and can make a better pictures within it. For that your smartphone needs to have a better camera. Here, HTC One has 4 Megapixel camera with auto focus and LED flash light. While the the new Sony Xperia Z has a very talented and a huge 13.1 Megapixel camera with all the high end functions like LED auto focus and many other things. HTC One has a secondary camera of 2.1 Megapixel while a bit more 2.2 Magapixel camera is there in the new Sony Xperia Z. Both the devices can record 1080 pixels of full HD video within these cameras. And yes, no smartphone compares with this Sony Xperia Z’s digital camera.

5. Connectivity options :

Connectivity plays an important role in any smartphone. Nowadays, there are too many connectivity options present in the smartphones. Talking about HTC One, it has all kinds of connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, DLNA, Micro-USB 2.0 with 5 pins support, super-fast 4G LTE networking and HDMI options. While the new Sony Xperia Z loads with NFC, Micro USB and HDMI options, Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN with Wi-Fi  802.11 a/b/g/n and of course there’s a 4G LTE connections availability. It looks a tie here in this connectivity options in these devices.

Furthermore, both the devices have many other basic options which are essential for a smartphone. These phones are just amazing and these are the very latest techno devices in the market as of the current time.

Sony is planning to announce some more smartphones by the end of this current month with Sony Xperia E and Sony Xperia E Dual, a budget range smartphones and from HTC there could be another Facebook phone, HTC Myst, which is coming the second quarter of this current month. We just have to wait for some more times to welcome more techno gadgets for this new year. There are many giants which are about to join this race for this new year, like Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 and Apple’s new iPhone 5S/6. Time will tell us which one is the best. You can make up your mind and choose the best one which can be fulfilled your wishes. Till then keep on reading and sharing. We’d like to interact with you in the comment box below.

Author Bio: Steve is a technological innovations fan. He looks forward to investigate, discover, and often create content in creative sites. He is additionally a qualified professional, creating architectural renderings resulting from his long-term training. For anyone interested in the 3d architecture visualization field and looking into some great visuals you may browse the web page he handles.


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