HTC One S Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update begins

Many of the users of HTC ONE S from the world have been waiting for this update to come and it finally arrives. Today, HTC has unleashed this update to selected users in UK. Soon this update will be available for the other all religions. HTC One X got already its Jelly Bean update in the past July, since then people were expecting this update to come to HTC One S. Keep on reading!

HTC One S Update

According to the Android OTA services, this update is of 613 MB in size and lists as android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. This update bringing out many amazing features to this devices with HTC Senese UI and HTC Sense 4+. HTC sense is all new way of using your device with some awesomeness. Before moving to further let’s take a look on its amazing features which make this device a popular one.

HTC had unleashed this update to its recent version HTC One X and this update has brought many new features in HTC One X. Like HTC Sense + is an all new way of using your device. HTC Sense bringing out several new features with better UI. Android Jelly Bean is the only update which provides this Sense feature. HTC Get Started, HTC Watch 2.0, changes to the Gallery app and views, tweaks with the Camera app and a lot more like this with this update. This update will change the whole notification menu and it has a sense of using the battery and this update will decrease the use of Battery. HTC claims that!

There are many other devices of HTC which too want this update, and people are terribly waiting for such announcements from such giants. Smartphones make this world beautiful, but without such Operating systems they make no sense here. as far as the features are concerned Android Jelly Bean has the most features than any other. Before we get any such announcement we need to check for this update. Till then keep on reading and learning!

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  • HTC ONE S mobile handset is a sleek and stylish device comes with excellent features. This smartphone supports a large 4.3 inch Touchscreen display with 16 Million colors. HTC ONE S supports Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and a powerful 1.7 Ghz processor. This phone can handle most tasks well with its powerful features. HTC ONE S support 16 GB internal memory for all your music, movies and contacts etc. The smartphone offers 3G, USB, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity.