Cool Trick to Remove the Annoying Ticker From Facebook

Well after F8 conference few are annoyed with “TICKER“, which keeps buzzing non-stop 24*7. Some users get annoyed due to it and some like it. Are you one of those annoyed people who just hate having something which keeps them distracting while browsing their Facebook? We’re here with a cool trick to get rid of that thing exclusively here on SkotGat!

If you’re still confused, below is how the ticker looks like. Check it out and keep reading for more!


I hope you’re using Google Chrome and if not, get it as this works only with Google chrome for now. You can download Google Chrome for free from here.

There is a chrome extension which when installed, simply removes the Ticker from the Facebook layout.

  • Install this extension which will remove the Ticker from Facebook.
  • Refresh you Facebook profile to see the changes.

That’s it! This was as simple as it looked like and finally your annoying ticker is gone for good. I hope this will help few users who don’t like this. To get it back, just deactivate the extension and refresh you Facebook page.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with Facebook developers , this is completely clean and provided by 3rd party developers. You can always revert back to original changes by deleting the extension .

So, are you still annoyed?

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