Is Your Homepage Effective Enough?

Normally, designers simply jump on to choose the font size and other details when they are about to discuss about designing the Homepage. If you are a designer or a client, then you must know, it is highly important for you to make an effective homepage. Those who don’t have an effective homepage don’t make an effective first impression. And regardless to say, those who don’t make an effective first impression, don’t stand a chance for gaining a repeat visitor.

You need to take care of two very important things – design and content. The first thing is to make sure that the design is nothing short of perfect. Design helps you grab eye-balls and thus helps in dealing with the “bounce-rate” problem. The next important thing is the content. Design can only hold a customer till a certain extent. It’s the content that truly decides the fate of your website. Make sure to have awesome content ready as this ensures that visitors come back again later on.

Here is one infographic that will definitely help you make an awesome homepage, one that captivates the visitor –

The Anatomy of an Effective Homepage
Source: The Anatomy of an Effective Homepage Infographic (KissMetricks)

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