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Guess What Can Be Banned Next in India? – #NextBanIdea

We all Indian people get sick and tired of all the banns that Indian Government is doing recently. As you know 857 Porn Sites are Blocked in India, the very well talented Indian Twitter Users take a dig on the bans on which could be happened in the nearer future in India in a hilarious way. Catch some of the funny tweets now! 

#NextBanIdea by Indian Twitter Users


1. Have different opinion? You’re not Welcomed here!



2. Only for WhatsApp Users!


3. And for the Facebook users as well.


4. Once again for FB users!


5. You can not even wish for anything in this Country!


6. Because Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkaar!


7. This TRIO!


8. For all the religious people on Facebook!


9. Getting Friendzoned?


10. For the travellers around the India!


11. Hey Samsung, get this very very very straight, huh!


Have something more to say about this? What’s your #NextBanIdea? Do share them with us!


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