How to Take Great Photos with Your Phone

Phone camera is the most handy tool one can have to click pictures. As it is not so convenient for everyone to carry their DSLR every time or sometimes the DSLR is not just easily available at the moment when there is a good clickable view is available. So it is necessary to get the most out of a phone camera and get the best possible shot out of a phone camera. Here are some points which to me makes sense which can be considered while clicking a picture from your phone camera.


Keep the Phone steady

Hold the camera motionless and steady so that it doesn’t shake while you click. Keep both of the elbows steady and at the side to get some support from the body. Take a deep breathe, settle down and gently trigger the shutter release of your phone.

Know your shutter speed

If you’re clicking from an iPhone then you should know that it doesn’t click as soon as you press the button but when you release the pressing. So, when you press down the button, hold it steady when you release it or the blur created when it is shaken can make your images look bad.

Optimize your Camera settings

If your phone offers an ISO change in setting, set it to Auto which is always a good option. If manually, set ISO to lowest when you’re clicking outdoor and maximum as the light goes darker.

Use Camera flash

Camera flash can be your secret weapon. You can use it even when you’re clicking during day time to reduce the shadow caused by the sunlight. It can get you even lighting if you’re very close to subject giving you the best of your click.

Don’t use Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is nothing but zoom into your pixels causing noise. Your phone’s camera can’t adjust itself by moving its lens unlike in digital SLR cameras. So it is better to avoid digital zooming as much as possible.

Use Apps to enhance/retouch your photos

There are some pretty good applications available which you can use to enhance your photos taken with your phone. For iPhone, I would prefer Photo fx ($3), Tiltshift ($3), Photosynth (free) and if you’re an android user like me, I would suggest you to go for effects-filled vignettes (free, $5), Camera 360 (free, $5) or Retro camera (free).

Any more suggestions or points you would like to add which can be considered while clicking good pictures through a phone camera?

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