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Google Search’s SSL Change and Your Blog

Most of us may not be aware of the term SSL. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is an encryption standard that enhances the security in what we do on the Internet. This means, all the bank transactions, Log-ins, transactions are secured through this procedure. Whenever you see an “https://…”, you can safely conclude, you are taking this service and browse more securely.

Google Hurts Bloggers with SSL

So, what’s up with the SSL again? Well, recently, Google updated a post where they have clearly outlined plans to apply SSL on user queries. Under the hood of privacy, they said

As search becomes an increasingly customized experience, we recognize the growing importance of protecting the personalized search results we deliver

As a user, you must be happy with the roll-out. However, what it means for bloggers like you and I?

Well, just 10% of Google search users have a Google account. This means that even with a full roll-out, it will only affect 8-10% of the search queries. As bloggers who are heavily dependent on SEO, we take users search-keywords pretty much seriously. How a user came to our website matters to full-time bloggers like you and I. So, with the SSL rollout, this will take a massive hit for sure.

After Google flicks the SSL switch, it won’t pass on any sort of keyword referral information of users who come to your website while being logged in to Google. So, while this change is going to take some time (a couple of weeks), it won’t stop advertisers from getting a proper report though(go figure).

As bloggers, we cannot really do anything to this change. Long term wise, this won’t really create a lot of hiccups for users. This change is after-all, for their benefit. Not for bloggers like you and I.

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