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What Google Nexus 7 Does Not Have?

Hello Everybody, I hope you all are still living with the shock of Google Nexus 7 being launched at such a cheap price and maybe you all must be too excited to buy this amazing gadget. Well yes who wouldn’t be ? This device has created a big hype just in 2-3 days after it’s launch. We have already published our review of Google Nexus 7 earlier but today I’m going to talk about some of the things which Google Nexus 7 lacks or you may say the cons of the Google Nexus 7 tablet.


No doubt the Google Nexus 7 has some amazing features with the all new Android Jelly Bean update but let’s look at some factors which makes Google Nexus 7 “not so special”.

Design : Talking about the design factor, Google Nexus 7 is a device which feels good when held in hands because of it’s textured black rugged yet comfortable panel. Some hands-on review also revealed that the back black panel took fingerprints quite easily and the matte-plastic black panel looks more expensive than it actually costs.

Screen : The Google Nexus 7 features a 7-inch display with 1280×800 resolution which is a bit smaller as compared to other tablets keeping in mind that tablets these days normally have screens of 10-inches or so. The resolution powers of the tablet actually pulls the covers off the 7-inch display. Even in a room full of sunlight, the video playback looked great with HD. If you are satisfied with a 7-inch screen which i think almost all people will be then considering the price, this display is also good as compared to iPad’s retina display.

Flash Support : It was a shocking news to learn a couple of days ago that Adobe declared there would be not flash support for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It would be interesting to see how Google deals with this situation and what solution will it let out for the flash supported apps and games so that they can run on the Nexus 7.

Camera : The most important factor when it comes to a tablet is it’s camera and seriously Google Nexus 7 has totally failed here. It just features a 1.2MP front camera and has NO rear camera yes, you read that right. This makes the tablet incompatible with many of the Android camera apps including Instagram. Google Play will throw an error if a user tries to add these apps. The front camera can be used for purposes like video-calling. The rear camera was probably denied to cut-off the price of the device.

No Micro SD Slot : Here’s another major factor, there’s no micro SD slot included in the Nexus 7 tablet. It’s a different story if you’re not a movie freak or love some great games. Also Google Play already has thousands of apps, movies and games. But still a geek won’t be satisfied without a micro SD slot when it’s about a tablet.

Now comes the question that why people are so excited for such a tablet which lacks these 5 things or does not satisfy our needs. The reason is simple when we have 5 thing to question on, we have 10 things which makes this tablet much more worth the money and amazing. Like the Android Jelly Bean which has some awesome features like Google Now then we have a Tegra 3 processor which boosts it’s performance very well and many more things. With such a cheap price offered by Google, people will obviously adjust with these 5 things and will not hesitate to buy such a cool gadget of course.

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