The Google I/O 2014 Has a Date : 25/26 June

It’s time of the year again when you apply for a vacation from your work and join one of the most awaited developer conference in the world : Google I/O. Sundar Pichai, via Google+ just announced the dates of the Google I/O this year, scheduled for 25 and 26 June. The event, to be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, will attract the press and developers from all over the world, and will be the perfect opportunity to publicly unveil the new products which they worked on the house in Mountain View this year. Possible protagonists of this new event are the Google Glass, Android 5.0 devices and Google Play Edition.

More details about the event including the schedule and registrations are coming out next month as Sundar said and meanwhile, they do have an awesome highlights video of the last year’s Google I/O, have a look at it :

About the registrations, Google is going to try something new. In order to avoid the mad ticket dash that we’ve seen with past I/Os, anyone that wants to attend I/O 2014 will need to submit a request to Google. The company will then randomly select applicants and notify them of their opportunity to buy a ticket. All we can do right now is to just wait and watch what Google has in store for this year’s I/O but I can surely say it’s going to be lot more awesome than ever!

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