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Google Was Down Giving 502 Error : Rare Happening in WWW [Pics]

How many times you’ve heard “Google is down” since the day you started using internet and was introduced to Google? I am sure, you must have heard “Gmail is down” or any other service like “YouTube is down” but “Google is down” is a very rare statement to hear and in today’s time when everything is dependent on Google, it surely creates a news when it is down. We here in India just now experienced a small downtime Google faced and as per my Twitter record, it was all over India at least.

When it was down, some of my fellow users on Twitter managed to get a pic of how 502 error by Google looks like 😀 Special thanks to @patelvs88, @optimyst and @r_thakker for providing me the images! I almost forgot to click images when it was down for me. Check out below how they look if you were not online when it was down and who knows when you will get to see this thing happening again or maybe not!

google is down error 502

google 502 error

and when tried pinging it, below was the result we got!

google 502

Isn’t that cool? That was maybe the first time I myself experienced a down Google! What if Google goes down permanently? I mean seriously, can you imagine life without Google?

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  • If google down then my mind is also down.


  • Nothing would be happen, each failure open up gate for new improvement and new innovations, so just stay back and look how they will tackle this, i don't say only Google would find the solution some one else may also solve or innovate new concept and could become number 1, without whom we may not be able to live our life. :)