Google DevFest to Happen in Ahmedabad for the First Time

We have some great news to share. Today, SkotGat has completed it’s 2 years of being online and it has been a great time being and having all of you guys with us all throughout the journey and now moving ahead, we wish to have another great year with you. So, Happy Birthday to us! Next we have in our box is something awesome. Google Developers’ Group, Ahmedabad is going to host the Google DevFest in Ahmedabad on 15th of September and it’s for the first time that such a big event by Google is taking place on a national level.

DevFest is a series of community-led events that have technical sessions centred around Google developer technologies and platforms (like Android, Chrome, Google+, and App Engine) and also Open source technologies.


It’ll be a full day event where registrations will start at 9:30AM in the morning on 15th of September and the event will be having speaker from various domains speaking on Google Technologies and development stuff. The food, swags and refreshments will be served as well and the event is of course, totally supported and sponsored by Google so it’ll be having a free entry.

The registrations for this event has already been closed so there’s no way you can enter into the auditorium now for this mega event but yes, you have a great opportunity to get the insights as SkotGat is the official blogging partner for this event and we’ll be live blogging the event from the inside of the auditorium with the pictures and all the other details. So stay tuned to us!

For more details about Google DevFest Ahmedabad, Click here!

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