Google Devfest 2013 Live Blog

Holla Everyone! It’s the Google Developers Group, Ahmedabad who is organizing this amazing one day event which is called the Google Devfest 2013, the first ever DevFest to take place in Ahemdabad. After the success of GDayX today, where prominent speakers like Amit Agrawal from Labnol, Sunil Rao(Google), Syed Malik(Google) and other dignitaries gave their speeches, now the GDG Ahmedabad wants to step a foot ahead even in the developers field and share the important talks about the developing technologies used in different businesses.

Google Devfest 2013

GDG Ahmedabad aims to provide building efforts to help budding developers and enthusiasts to use Google and Open Source technologies to come out with amazing solutions that would change the face of mankind.

With a mission to put Ahmedabad on Global Map they have organized 1 Day celebration of community uplifting through the medium of GDG. The one-day conference includes a series of technical sessions, covering an array of developer technologies, followed by a networking dinner. All local developers are encouraged to attend. Experts from various regions of India are coming to deliver expert talk.

It would be a perfect day for this event to take place as on 15th September 2013, GDG Ahmedabad will be completing a year of existence and since a year they have been helping the Ahemdabad Developers Community going hand-in-hand. So the point is that, we here at Skotgat will be live blogging the event straight from the venue just to make sure you don’t miss out this grand event, Google Devfest 2013. For all the live updates regarding the event, stay tuned to this live blog by bookmarking or by creating an event reminder from the below window. I hope you’ll enjoy the live blog!



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