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Google Chrome for iOS : Hands on [Review]

Google is literally on fire at their I/O 2012 developer conference announcing cool stuff everyday and today, they’ve announced something which might kill or at least stop users from using Safari for iOS. Yes, it’s the much awaited Chrome for iOS is finally here announced by Google earlier today and here I present you a fresh hands on review running on an iPad and on an iPhone!

Chrome for iOS

If you’re too excited, you need not to because there is something Google Chrome is suffering from which every other third party browser does apart from Apple’s own Safari and i.e. Chrome doesn’t feature Google’s fast JavaScript rendering engine. Instead, as Google confirmed earlier today, it uses Apple’s relatively slow UIWebView to render web pages and that sadly means the browsing experience on iOS isn’t exactly optimal.

As expected, the performance is a bit sluggish but the features it has are just outstanding. Below are the list of features Chrome for iOS has :

  • Cross-platform Synchronize (Gets all the open tabs and bookmarks from other signed-in devices)
  • Incognito Tab
  • Voice Search for Google
  • QWERTY keyboard with a .com button
  • Almost all the features Chrome has for it’s desktop app

No, it doesn’t support extensions yet but it doesn’t require at the moment I guess and the only drawback of this amazing app is the Apple forcing them to use their rendering engine instead of Google’s own which would make it a blazing fast browser for which it is known.

Below are few screenshots of Google Chrome running on iOS with iPad and on an iPad. Enjoy and do let me know how you like it. Thanks. You can download Google Chrome for iOS through your App Store.


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