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Google Wants to Buy Your Privacy for $25. Do you Want to Sell it Off?

Just when I was browsing my Facebook News Feed, I came through an interesting link which led me to Google’s new project named Screenwise. I went through it, understood and found out that actually it’s not a way to say “Thank you” but it is a way to bribe people and tempt them to sell off their privacy for few bucks.

These day, I’m not liking Google much. Not just for their recent algorithm change but also for their fake news about the algorithm which makes the webmaster concerned sometimes and Google is also showing some double standards while dealing with their algorithm. Well, that’s a second thing but their new project Screenwise is a major thing to worry about.

Screenwise is a project in which Google wants you to install their chrome extension which will track which site you visit while browsing, it’ll collect data (even of your porn sites’ visits :P) and then as said by them will be used to “help them improve Google products and services and make a better online experience for everyone”.

Here’s what Google is offerin you in return or as their way to “Thank you” or “bribe” you. You will be gettin $5 amazon gift card as soon as you sign up for the program and then you’ll be gettin $5 gift card every 3 months for staying with their program and you’ll get these gift cards until you reach $25. In short, Google wants to buy your 2 years of privacy for just $25.

Last night, they were having a sign up page which when I tried to go through to test it, gave me and error and today, it has been completely removed but their work is in progress.

So, are you really planning to sell off your privacy for few more $?

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