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Full List of Facebook Chat Emoticons

This has been always a question of confusion as Facebook has not officially revealed what all emoticons and smileys they allow in their chat feature. Here I am with a full list of Facebook chat emoticons and smileys you can use during your Facebook chat conversation. I have also added some of the Facebook chat emoticons that works only for the Facebook employees! Enjoy 😉 and wait, do let me know if I miss out on any of the smiley which you know but haven’ been listed on this list. That will help this list grow better.

facebook chat emoticons smileys

I’m not sure how technical you are, but if you search Facebook’s JavaScript for a known emoticon, you’ll come across the list in the Emote object. you can then un-escape and execute that bit of JavaScript, and output it however you want. here’s a list i just output:

full list of Facebook chat emoticons and smileys

There are also a few that only work for Facebook employees for fun.
:bieber: which is an alias for :putnam:
:mj: a little picture of Michael Jackson
:woowoo: an animated GIF of Bubb Rubb
((<< T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics
>>)) Utahraptor

Well, I know even after making that long list, I’ve still omitted many. That’s a second thing but my question is, do you know any other smileys which I don’t know yet?

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