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First Look : The All New iPhone 6 Leaked

A stream of leaks about the next generation iPhone got back in the tech limelight. Yes, you heard that right. Apple is working really hard for its next generation smartphone, iPhone 6. And fortunately, today it got uncovered by a Chinese Website. The Phone got mentioned with its schematic design with its dimensions. According to the current tech period, Apple has to offer something like out of the World with this device. Surprisingly, Apple would introduce two variants of this new iPhone 6 with different sizes. Like we already have such variants of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, the new iPhone 6 would have the same two different sized variants. 

iPhone 6

According to leaks, there would be a model with 4.7 Inch display and the other one would have a 5.5 Inch display. Talking about the current competition, HTC has recently released its new flagship next generation HTC One with HTC One M8. The phone got a new makeover with a couple of innovative features and a rounded design. Apart from it, the HTC One awarded as World’s best smartphone and with this, it got a new makeover. Talking about Samsung, Samsung too is planning to introduce its next generation Galaxy S6 in the coming months. With respect to this competitive market, Apple has to come up with some kinds of extra amazing moves. People get used to have new devices everyday and when it comes from such giant, they would surely gonna buy it. All they want is innovations, in design and its features.

Seems like Apple is changing everything. There was a time, when there comes a name smartphone, iPhone gets appeared in everyone’s mind. Eventually, the time has completely changed and so this smartphone’s era. Nowadays, we can have a bunch of devices with a same price. We have many choices to purchase a smartphone. With respect to this competitive world, Apple may introduce two variants of this next generation iPhone. One will be landed in Smartphone’s category while the other one will be in Phablets.

Before this leaks, Apple was the only giant which has no such big displayed devices in its techbucket. Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung all have a huge range of Phablet devices with a big display size. The new iPhone6 would be the very first iPhone to have such a big display. Before we move further, following is the leaked schematic design of the upcoming Apple device, iPhone 6. (BGR)



See, this is what Apple has planned for its forthcoming next generation iPhone, iPhone 6. With this there are some more rumours which show a new iOS 8. Yes, Apple will introduce this new iPhone along with a brand new iOS too. The new iPhone 6 would have a brand new iOS 8 with of course a bunch of new features. Apple would definitely be putting up a tough competition by introducing this new larger handset of its history. All we can do is WAIT until the day of its official leaks.

What’s your take? What more could you expect from Apple this time? Do share your views and opinions with us. You can share your suggestions too in the below given comment sections!

iPhone 6

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