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Finch : A Cool Time Tracking App for Mac [Giveaway]

Ever felt like you’re wasting too much of time using one app like Tweetdeck or any other which distracts you? or ever thought of calculating how much time you spent working on one of your project? well, here is the exact thing you’ve been looking for! Finch for mac makes it easier for your time tracking need. We have 3 copies of this wonderful software to be given away!

finch for mac

Finch is a time tracking application that monitors what windows are active on the screen at any given time. Using the application’s tagging system allows for detailed reports of how much time is spent working on different projects. Finch monitors not only the open application, but which window has focus.

finch time tracking

Starting with Finch is as simple as running it, and then proceeding with your work. Finch will quietly sit on your Mac OS menu bar until the end of the day. No messy configuration, just turn the app on and let it go!

On the reports view, specify your filter preferences and you can export straight to CSV. Get control of your data (it’s yours after all)

Finch will never have your data as it is stored locally on your own machine. Finch does not require an internet connection and is completely private.

finch for mac time tracking

We have 3 copies to be given away exclusively to the SkotGat readers. Check out the giveaway below :

Keep visiting SkotGat and keep winning! There are many more giveaways coming soon! :)

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