Facebook’s Navigation Bar Becomes Sticky

Yes, it’s Facebook again with a whole new “navigation bar” . You must have noticed that Facebook’s top navigation bar is now sticky , just like Twitter and Google+ .  Previously the bar scrolls up along with the page , but now it’s omnipresent .  This elusive change allows users to manage important features anytime , such as Friend requests , instant notification or search.

Users may recognize the floating navigation bar as it’s used on both Twitter and Google+. Some might say this is one more way Facebook has followed the lead of its competitors when its comes to design.

As per the sources and talks , this is the first stage of the new bigger redesign which will be revealed at Facebook’s F8 conference

Lets take a look Twitter and Google+, since both of them have already introduced sticky navigation pane.


As you can see that top panel is present even when you scroll down.


Google+ , newly launched social network by Google has the same kind of feature .

I think Facebook is taking whole new leap and eventually they will introduce ads on right pane.

I hope you enjoyed reading . Feel free to share your thoughts and views about the whole new sticky panel.

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