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5 Facebook Tricks You Can’t Miss Out

Facebook is the social network which has become the daily livelihood of most of the people in the world in the recent years. Well we have come across many Facebook tricks like profile pic emoticons, bold and italic text while chatting, updating Facebook status via any device and many more. Today I will be sharing with you some new Facebook Tricks or you can say some new things which would help you to have a much better and easier grasp to your Facebook account.

1. Automatically Wish People on their Birthday’s via BirthdayFB: This online application allows you to schedule your birthday wishes for your friends at any time you want to post on their wall. Just connect to your Facebook account, select the appropriate wall-posting time and you’re done. This will really help you when you’re on holidays and out of reach of Facebook, so now never forget to wish a friend on his birthday with this cool Facebook trick.

2. UnTag Yourself From All Useless Photos Using Facebook DeTagger : Now here’s the solution you’ve been always looking for, the most irritating thing i’ve ever experienced on Facebook is that people tagging me in unwanted pics without a reason. The most terrible task is untagging yourself from those pics. But with this chrome extension Facebook DeTagger it’s very easy to get rid of all those pics in just a click. You can also untag yourself from selected pics. So this is another useful Facebook Trick which i use daily.

3. Remove Application Spam and other Clutter From Your Facebook HomePage Using Facebook Purity : Don’t you get really angry when you come across those application updates from your friends on your Facebook homepage ? Yes, i have found a chrome extension F.B Purity, which removes all that different application spam and other annoying messages and makes Facebook a clean place to surf. This Facebook trick is very helpful to have a noiseless experience on Facebook.

4. Check-In To Facebook Places Right From Your Browser : Are you jealous of your friends who check-in to their favorite places and you just have to watch them because you don’t have a smartphone which does this job ? Here’s a chrome extension, RollCall CheckIn For Facebookwhich allows you to check-in to different places right from your browser. Where had you been, where you’re heading to and where you’re right now, share all the places with your friends with this cool Facebook Trick.

5. Check who Removed you from their Friend List with Facebook Friends Checker : There’s no software or any online service which lets you know that who removed you from their friend list on Facebook, but this extension for chrome Facebook Friends Checker shows you that. Just install this extension and set the time interval for when to check and you’ll be notified when someone unfriend’s you on Facebook.

So these were some Facebook Tricks which i thought are worth sharing with you people and might be helpful to you. Facebook is growing high not day by day but second by second, and it’s giving us the best experience of a social network on the web. And it’s not surprising that we would witness some changes in the design, features or any other stuff. And don’t worry you will always find tricks to revert the changes as usual. Ask us what Facebook tricks you want to know, we would love to help you out if possible.

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