Facebook to Launch Read, Listen, Want and Few More Features

“Read. Watch. Listen.”: Facebook’s Official Motto for f8. With conferenceon table, Facebook going to launch some more features, such as “Read, Listened, Watched , Want” buttons . Earlier there was only “Like” button, but after F8 conference we might just see new buttons.

Facebook will introduce new buttons on the wall that will begin introducing some granularity to the “Like” concept.  New buttoms might just appear near Like or replace like button. The fact no Facebook employee has confirmed TechCrunch’s 0ff-the-record source that claimed such a launch.  Not to mention that brands, retailers, entertainment companies and other businesses will be able to gain segmented data around the Like.
From our latest source update : F8 ‘s official motto will be “Read. Watch. Listen.” Well this sounds perfect with the buttons we’ve heard.

No official news yet, stay tuned for F8 conference which will be held on September 22, 2011, in Fog City [San Francisco], California.

Mean time, you readers can feel free to share your views on this new development of Facebook.

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