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Unleash the Full Power of Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

Facebook has categorically changed the way we communicate with our friends and family. With the Timeline update couple of months ago, Facebook really brought the house down! Since then, Facebook Timeline for individual profiles have been rolled out to everyone and now Facebook aims to changes the face of Facebook Pages!

The new Facebook Timeline Page Update falls in line with Facebook design changes that has been happening all over the world. With the initial rollout, many people got creative and changed their Facebook profiles while there were other who didn’t quite like it. So, what are the features of the new Facebook Timeline Pages for Business? Here at Skotgat, we tell you exactly that!


The new Facebook Timeline Pages allow designers to have a field day at work! With a huge Cover Photo, one can definitely get that extra space to let loose his/her creativity. You can either give your own photo, your business logo or pretty much anything (here’s ours!), all to really make your brand stand out from the rest.

The philosophies that apply to individuals apply to brands as well. Hence, just the way you manage your Facebook profile, you can manage your Facebook Timeline Pages! Facebook has enabled Brands to be more social and personal to their audience.


Regardless to say, the new Facebook Timeline Pages make brands more engaging and more visitor-friendly. You will be able to see all the stories that have been published by the pages any time you visit.


As with the Timeline rollout for individuals, the new developments enables Facebook to draw attention to its advertisements that run alongside the new profile. The more impressions the ads have, the higher the chances of click-throughs! Facebook, take a bow!

The new rollout won’t go live till March 30, giving page moderators a chance to curate the page. Tell us what you think about the new Facebook Timeline Business Page in the comments sections below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus!


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