Facebook Shuts Down its @facebook.com Email Service

Seems like a lot of things going on at Facebook HQ, with the biggest acquisition of WhatsApp followed by hiring of  former Ryan Seacrest Productions’ worker Sibyl Goldman and now it is going further with another big change by shutting down their email service which they introduced back in November 2010.

As per reports by The Verge, Facebook will soon begin to notify the users who actually used this service that their mails to @facebook.com email id will be redirected to their primary email address on file with Facebook. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement to the Verge, “Most people have not been using their @facebook.com email address.”


This is a welcomed move but there’s one vulnerability to it which is that now anyone can send spam mails to any Facebook user’s primary email address knowing the fact that it’ll land into their primary email ID!

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