Facebook Introduces Translation of Status Updates and Comments

Just when I was browsing my Facebook timeline this morning, I found something cool which was giving me an option to translate a status update. It was something I never seen before and maybe you can call it as a new feature by Facebook but whatever it is, I found it really cool as it allows you to translate the status update if it is in a language which is not being understood by you.

I was fortunate enough to click it and present you how it looks like. Below is the pic of this new feature of Facebook allowing you to translate the updates :

Facebook translation

If you hover your mouse on this option, it will give you a pop-over which will say “Translation by Bing” so it definitely means Facebook is now giving Bing Translation integration with this feature.

When I tried translating this update, unfortunately I couldn’t translate this thing as it the update is actually a Hindi update written in English. Below is what I got when I tried translating this thing.

Facebook transaltion 1

Had this update been in Hindi, I am pretty much sure I could have get it translated. As I had this option only in this status update on my timeline, maybe Facebook is still testing it and rolling out but if this comes, it will be a boon for some to get it translated the updates quickly. The reason why I’ve mentioned “comments” in the title of this article is because I read a tweet few days back that Facebook is going to introduce this feature for comments as well.

That’s it for now. Let me know if you get any updates on this thing. Cheers.

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