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Facebook Introduces New Photo Browser Interface

Just when I was browsing my Facebook and when I was going through my photo albums, I noticed one thing which was that the interface of the photo browser was quite a refreshing one and a new one. As per my information, Facebook is still rolling out the updates to their users and if you have not got it, you’ll get it soon in next few hours.

So, the whole story is that whenever you click to view any of the photo, it used to give the option to like or comment below the photo but now with the new interface, this option along with many other option has been shifted to the right side of the photo. Below is a screenshot of how this new photo browser by facebook looks from my profile :

Well, to me it looks a good change. How about you? did you get the new interface yet? If yes, liked it? If not, how’s the above one looking? and yes, do wait for yours to get this update! Cheers

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