Facebook Hashtags Introduced: Get a taste of Twitter from your Facebook profile

After introducing verified profiles and pages last month, Facebook has brought a new feature to its website to let people know what’s going on in the World with Facebook Hashtags. Like if you are using Twitter or Instagram you must be familiar with this name, Hashtag. This feature will allows you to go to the current trend and live news feed which shows you what’s happening right now. This feature will allows you to keep track of everything you want to know like current events, people and many other things, all you have to do is just click on to that particular Hashtag and it will redirecting you to the current news feed related that Hashtag. 

Facebook Hastag

Hashtag is quite impressive feature which is already available on Twitter and Instagram and almost everyone uses this feature to get the current news feeds. Yes, here on Faceboook Hashtags will be clickable ones. You can click on to the Hashtag and you’re done! Nothing is messy here, it’s clear and anyone can use it just by apply a # button and it will show you a list of trending and featured tags when you put a first letter after # button.

Hashtag works like a proper keyword here. I’m pretty much sure that your profile is already having a search graph, you could enter a proper word there and can search for that proper Hashtag from there. Of course, you will have all the current updates and news feed related to that searched tag. This feature will gives you all kinds of trendy updates as same as like Twitter does and this feature will increase its users and people will gain back their interest of using this social network, Facebook.

Facebook Hastag

Talking about me, I do like to use # button when I need to point out some specific thing when I update my Facebook status or even in comments. This feature will help all the people including me to use a proper tag to describe the things. And if someone wants to get deeper inside that tag, he can easily click it out and can see all updates right from there. It’s pretty cool. Isn’t it?

Facebook said that this is a very first step to let people know what others are discussing right now. If they want to discuss the same thing they can use that specific Hashtag and start a new discussion thread. And if other user searched for the same Hashtag he can see your updates right from there, as you have used that tag too. When it comes from Facebook there must be a tight privacy over to this feature. This feature will be handled by your Account’s privacy settings. You can customize who can see your tags and other things from the Privacy settings of your Facebook profile. This feature announced on last Wednesday, and people will be able to use this feature from the coming weeks. There is no specific date announced by Facebook. However, you will surprisingly get this feature for your Facebook profile.



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