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Facebook enters in Cloud with Photo Sync App for Android & iOS

Facebook enters finally in the Cloud market with its Photo Sync App. Today Facebook has just launched the very latest and innovative app Photo Sync App, for all the Android and iOS users. As we have been seeing a lot of new changes in the world’s best Social networking site, Facebook, here comes something all new for all the Mobile users having Android or iOS devices. Let’s see what’s new in this app?

It’s all an easy process to use this app. You need not to go anywhere to download this app. When you logged in on your Facebook account via Android or iOS device you can simply see a notification on your home screen which allow you directly to go there and grab this app. Today when I  logged In through my Android device, suddenly there’s a notification which says Sync your mobile photos on Facebook. And I’m just amazed after seeing this amazing and all innovative step of Facebook. Here’s the pic of the notification which I got recently.

This app will upload all the photos which you’ve taken through your mobile device. It will upload all those photos with a secret locked folder named as “Synced from phone” within one’s Facebook account. User will decide what to do with those photos. He/She can shares them to private or public state.

This app is now on a testing phase for some selected Android and iOS devices. This app is not available for all the Android and iOS users. As soon as they checked it well, they’ll unleash it for all the users. There’s some bound for iOS users here. For getting this app in your iDevices you need to upgrade your iOS to iOs 6, which is the very latest version of iOS. Whereas, there’s no bound for Android users. Any Android user can grab this app.

One good news is like, there is enough space to upload your device’s photos in this cloud. It will gives you 2 GB of memory for syncing users photos. I think this is the most innovative step from Facebook. Isn’t it? With this, this app will allow users how to upload their photos? Via Wi-Fi or Cellular network or else. They can upload selected photos too. Facebook has tried its best to make this app a reliable one and less complicated.

So, this was the latest movement from Facebook. It will be on air in a couple of days. What do you think about this new step from Facebook? Do you like it? What lacks here? Share your precious thoughts and give us your feedback as a comment below the post.


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