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No one today can imagine a life without a smartphone.  Like daily meals smartphone is our necessity now. We always search for a phone that can not only benefit us with communication facilities but also have multimedia facilities and more amusement related services. Today man spent a lot of money on buying a smartphone, before it was not like this. Earlier the cost phones were very cheap but today the technology has developed a lot and so the price of the phone. The prices have increase because today in a phone we get the primary facilities like communicating facilities, multimedia facilities, and internet facilities and along with these facilities there many more services available today. The technological progress allows one to accomplish other formal tasks on phone today. One can shift their official works on phone today.

iphone 7

About iPhone Series:

Today there are so many brands in the market with their smartphones. If one compares the smartphone of different brands they will surely understand the difference of quality from one to another.  The superior brand in the world is the iPhone series of smartphone launched by Apple in 2007. The first generation iPhone was launched on 29th June 2007. From the 9 years apple had a well and prosperous journey in the world market. Today iPhones series are the popular and most sophisticated smartphone series in the world. Today we have iPhone 6 as the latest smartphone by Apple launch in the month of September 2015. Recently it is announced that in the 2016 by September iPhone series will step ahead with it’s another amazing featured phone that is iPhone 7.

About iPhone 7 and its Features:

Following the latest trend of iPhone 6, iPhone 7 will be of 4.7 inch. Apple always sets surprise for the people, there features are outstanding and much more unique. The iPhone 7 is much more slink and the model will be more attractive that iPhone 6. Even the camera quality is much upgraded, 8.5 pixels is expect to be featured in iPhone 7 this year. iPhone 7 will be featured with an outstanding photo quality like that of a DSLR and the IOS is also upgraded with IOS 10 this time. It is enough commendable that almost 800 engineer work on iPhone cameras, by this it is clear that a lot of effort is put into the innovation of the iPhone series. Like this every series requires a lot of engineer and expert to bring iPhone in the market. With this we can understand the cost of an iPhone may be high but it is enough reasonable. The most amazing and surprising feature of this phone is the waterproof feature. Yes you read it right! iPhone 7 is a totally waterproof for the first time by the Apple.

Final Say:

So it is quite clear that iPhone series most awaited and amazing features iPhone will launch this September with a bang. iPhone 7 is a totally package of unique features and attractive model. This phone will definitely rule the market. So one can sure checkout its features in this article and definitely buy this phone to be upgraded with best and latest features of smartphones today.  

iphone 7

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