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Enable Flash on Your Apple iPad with iSwifter

If you are an iPad user, then you must have had problems with Flash, right? How many times have you wanted to ask Apple for not allowing Flash in their products? Even if we don’t really surf websites which are flash-based, what’s a real problem are the Facebook games which are. iPad users are known to be on Facebook half of the time, and yet! They can’t play Facebook games! (#outrage) Now you can! Yes, now you can enable flash on your iPad. Here’s how.

Thanks to iSwifter,Ā iPad users can join the fun and make full use of flash! How does the app do that? Well essentially, it fires up the servers in the cloud and converts Flash to an optimized radio stream, which is later sent down to the device.

However, there is a tiny catch in it! It isn’t free completely! After the first 30 minutes of the trial version, you can opt in to get the entire app for a one-time download fee of $4.99. Zyanga games work like butter on this one!

Since the app is itself positioned as an open browser, users can check out as many flash websites and social games as possible. So, if you have been sad over not being able to play Farmville or Cityville, then this app saves you the hassle!

iSwifter lets you play flash-based social games!

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