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Disable Metro UI Start Menu Screen in Windows 8

If you’ve recently installed Windows 8 then there are high chances of you noticing the new Metro UI style start screen instead of the old desktop screen you’ve been using since ages. If you think that the new interface isn’t that productive and you want the old style UI, I’m here with a cool new and simple registry hack which can make you get rid of the Metro style start menu in few minutes.

If you’re a big fan of Windows 7 and want the same thing on Windows 8 then this cool hack is only and only for you. Keep reading and following the steps below.

1. Open Registry Editor by pressing “Windows + R” and typing “regedit” (without quotes) and press enter


2. From the Registry editor, quickly navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer from the left sidebar of its window.


3. Now when you’ll navigate the path, on the right hand side you’ll find the list as shown in the pic above. Find “RPEnabled”, double click on it and set the value to “0” (without quotes) and save it.

edit-registry-windows 8

4. Log off and login back again and you’ll see the old User Interface in your Windows 8 and the Metro style UI will be gone. To get it back, follow the above steps again and change the value to “1” (without quotes) in the step 3.

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