How to Customize your PC to Look Like a Mac

Ever wanted to show off to your mates about how cool your pc can look? Do you unlike using mac but still love to use its interface on your pc device? Well, you’re at the right place. Here we are bringing you those very easy tips and tricks to customize your pc and it will look like a mac which will make things easier for you to show off. Let us know how it feels.


Add a Dock

With Rockerdock (, your Windows 7 PC can mimic as Mac OSx’s dock. Before downloading and installing rocketdock, right-click the taskbar and uncheck “unlock the taskbar” and move it out of the way. Then hide it by right clicking it and selecting properties > auto hide the taskbar.

Move things to left

Mac OSx put the maximize and minimize button on the left side instead of right side as Windows does. To replace this layout, use an app called Leftsider ( Just download and install and you’ll be done.

Skin it

Download and install David Pearon’s Mac OS X Lion inspirat for CustoPack tools ( then download and install his Mac OS X Lion Inspirat ( for rocketdock, 90+ Mac-inspired icons, and Mac startup sounds and screen.

You’re done! Let me know how it feels 😉 cheers!

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