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How to Create Facebook Offers from Your Brand Pages

You must have came across a news story on your Facebook feed saying : “Friend XYZ has claimed an offer from ABC Brand” and this is what Facebook offers is all about. If you own a brand page, it opens a door to a great viral promotion of your Facebook presence.

Facebook offers are a great way to drive new people to your business and to engage your customers. They also encourage people to talk about your Page when your offers are shared between friends.

create Facebook offers

The users can get discounts from businesses when you post an offer on your Facebook Page. To claim an offer, all a user need to do is click Get Offer from the story anywhere they see it on Facebook.

They’ll start to see offers by Pages they like in their news feed. After they click Get Offer, Facebook will send them an email that they can print off or show on their mobile phone at the business to redeem their discount.

Offers are free for admins to create and share but are only available to a small number of local business Pages as of now but if you’re one of those eligilbe one, you can see the video below about how to create Facebook Offers for your Brand on Facebook :

I hope this video will help you create Facebook offers from your brand page on Facebook. Have a nice time ahead.

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