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How to Get Some Cool iOS 6 Features on iOS 5

So there have been a lot of hypes about Apple’s new iOS 6. It has over 200 new features. iOS 6 developer preview is available to the iOS developers for which they pay $99 every year, but if you don’t want to spend money, we posted a guide earlier on “How to Install iOS 6 without a developer membership”.

The main problem of iOS 6 as of now is that you’ll need to sacrifice your jailbreak just to try some new features. But we have the solution!

Since the release, many hackers and developers are trying to port the new iOS 6 features onto the existing iOS 5. Here are some of the most interesting iOS 6 features that you can get from Cydia and use on your jailbroken iOS 5 device!


iOS 6 will have this interesting direct tweet button on the Notification center, which would allow you to tweet directly right from the notification center. QuickTweet is a nice to have tweak on your jailbroken device. It gives you a little button on the bottom left of the notification center and allows you to tweet directly from there just like iOS 6. And now the best part, it’s FREE!

[Note]3G Unrestrictor[/Note]

This tweak takes over Facetime over cellular. It allows you to take control of your data usage, but be sure that you have an unlimited data plan!

With 3G Unrestrictor, you can obviously use FaceTime over 3G which Apple is adding to iOS 6, but apart from this, it allows you to use 3G on other apps like the App Store, iTunes, Skype and even Youtube. 3G Unrestrictor costs $4 which is a little high for many users, but if you are in need of running FaceTime over 3G, it’s a worth buy!

[Note]Fullscreen for Safari[/Note]

Safari will be a big win in iOS 6, because of this much awaited full-screen integration. This will allow users to browse the web from there iOS device in full screen which would be great for iPhone & iPod Touch users if not for iPad users. This tweak is free too!


PhotoMail is a simple tweak that lets you attach images instantly and directly from the default Mail app. It is always a pain when you need to attach multiple images or even a single image in Mail and is time killing. The mail app in iOS 6 will have this feature but if you can’t wait to get this for months, it costs $1.00 and is definitely worth it!

[Note]Pull To Refresh For Mail[/Note]

The mail app in iOS 6 will have a cool new “pull to refresh” feature. This tweak will allow you to do the same thing in the iOS 5 mail app. This tweak is free as well and is definitely worth a try!

So these were my picks of the best Cydia tweaks to transform iOS 5 to iOS 6, have you tried any other? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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