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Complete Mega List of Windows 8 Shortcuts

Its an all new enhanced operating system which we’ve been talking about and that’s Windows 8. Lots of new features as we reviewed and now I hope you’ve already installed it and you are able to use it. So, now that I’ve been trying to find out the keyboard shortcuts on the all new Windows 8, below is the list I’ve made so far and which will be kept updated as I explore more.

Before I start, I would just like to rewind and remind you about the articles I’ve written so far on Windows 8 :

  1. Welcome the New Windows 8 : Screenshots, Features and Downloads
  2. How to Install Windows 8 Virtually Using Virtual Box
  3. Unlock Hidden Features in Windows 8 Developer Preview
  4. Disable Metro UI Start Menu Screen in Windows 8

So, this is the 5th Article you’re reading about our Windows 8 series of articles. Below are those Windows 8 Shortcuts I’ve found out :

  • WIN + C – Open Start Menu
  • WIN + F – Opens search for Files menu
  • WIN + I – Opens Start Menu Settings.
  • WIN + K – Opens Start Menu Connections
  • WIN + O – Disable screen rotation (allows turning off the Gyro reaction to the tablets)
  • WIN + Q – Opens Search Apps menu
  • WIN + V – Allows switching between notifications
  • WIN + W – Opens search for Settings menu
  • WIN + Y – Switches to desktop view. Using this hotkey you can temporarily hide all maximized windows to see the desktop
  • WIN + Z – This hotkey flips open application options. The below screenshot demonstrates how it displayed the Login option for Tweet@rama application
  • WIN + Spacebar – Change the language / keyboard layout.
  • WIN + Shift + V – Allows Reverse switching between notifications
  • WIN + Enter – Runs Utilities Narrator, which reads aloud the titles and contents of the open windows.
  • WIN + Page Up – Moves the Metro tiles to the left
  • WIN + Page Down – Moves the Metro tiles to the right
  • WIN + Shift + Plus(+) – Open magnifier for maximizing the desktop
  • WIN + Shift + Minus(-) – Opens magnifier for minimizing the window
  • All the text editing shortcuts remains the same as old ones like Ctrl + C etc.

That’s all from me for now. You’ll see another article on the Windows 8 topic soon from me. Don’t forget to add any shortcut you find for Windows 8. Thanks.

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