Comparison Between SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud

As we know, Google launched Google Drive which is a cloud storage solution for Google users and it is said to be in competition with Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Dropbox. These services are very similar – you get online storage (you can access your files anywhere) and file synchronization – edit a document on one computer and the changes are propagated to all your other computers almost instantly. This is called cloud computing.

We compare the features of Windows SkyDriveGoogle Drive, Apple iCloud and Dropbox to help you pick the best file storage and sync service for your online storage solution. Check it out below :

As you can see in the pic above, Skydrive seems to be a clear winner amongst all of the other cloud storage providers. The basic Dropbox account offers a mere 2 GB of storage space but you can easily increase your account space to 16 GB by referring a couple of friends to Dropbox. But, you can find some amazing use of Dropbox which no other service offers. You can get 25GB of space when you login to your Skydrive account.

There are few other points which I read on another site which are as below :

  • Dropbox doesn’t have an official app for Windows Phones, but Boxfiles works pretty well, making it even more multiplatform.
  • SkyDrive doesn’t have an app for Android, but HTC integrated natively it in its Sense 4.0. Non-HTC Android users can find third party apps in the Play Store to access their files.
  • Google Drive may have only 5GB free, but these don’t include the unlimited photos upload to private albums on Google+ using Picasa or an Android phone, the 20,000 songs that can be stored for free in Google Play Music, and the 10GB in Gmail.
  • HTC users on Android receive extra 3GB free space if they have a 2011 device with Sense 3.0 or 3.5, and even extra 23GB if they have a 2012 device with Sense 4.0.
  • The outsider: Box offers 50GB free space to Android users; unfortunately personal accounts can’t use the desktop sync application, which requires a non-free business or enterprise account.

I personallly have 8 on Dropbox + 25GB on SkyDrive, 50GB on Box and now Google Drive, and all for free! Useful to use different services for different purposes and to keep backups. Google Drive and Windows Live SkyDrive are extremely promising services but none of them support as many platforms as Dropbox does.

Now, it’ll be good to see which service wins in this war. BTW, which one are you using?

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