Viral Twitter Event Marketing Insights You Cannot Afford to Miss Out

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Even though Twitter has time and again changed the way its ecosystem functions, it still remains one of the largest social networking platform for you and your audience. Often, tech companies rely heavily on the virality of their twitter event marketing campaign in order to see their products through. However, with so many Twitter marketing companies and self-rated gurus showing … Read More

Why do YouTube Views Count Freeze at 301?

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If you’re a YouTube content publisher, you must’ve noticed this strange thing: Whenever you upload a video, it freezes at 301, or sometimes 302. And the number doesn’t increment until 24 hours. Why? Well, everybody thinks it’s a bug, or a conspiracy. But that’s not the real reason. The real reason is: It’s done intentionally, by Youtube systems.  According to Ted Hamilton, a product manager … Read More

5 Facebook Tricks You Can’t Miss Out

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Facebook is the social network which has become the daily livelihood of most of the people in the world in the recent years. Well we have come across many Facebook tricks like profile pic emoticons, bold and italic text while chatting, updating Facebook status via any device and many more. Today I will be sharing with you some new Facebook … Read More

5 Reasons Why People Blog

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I started blogging Two and a half year back and since then, I’ve seen a large number of people joining this industry and have also seen many leaving it. This makes me think about a question : Why people blog? Last night I tried thinking an answer to this and made a list of those top 5 reasons out of … Read More