Motorola RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD And RAZR M Launched

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Motorola has just released 3 new smartphones in it’s RAZR series namely the RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD and the RAZR M. After Nokia launching the new Lumia 920 And 820, it was time for Motorola to roll. All the three devices have something unique about them. It seems that Motorola has decided to turn the tables on this time … Read More

Samsung’s new Series 9 ultrabook is the most stunning laptop out there

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Samsung unveiled the new Series 9 ultrabook yesterday, at the IFA conference in Europe. This gorgeous 13-inch laptop comes with a 2,560 x 1,440 display and matte finish along with a DPI of 225, denser even than Apple’s 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, which has 220. While it’s just a prototype, Samsung has told the public that there are few things that needs to be fixed before … Read More

What Google Nexus 7 Does Not Have?

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Hello Everybody, I hope you all are still living with the shock of Google Nexus 7 being launched at such a cheap price and maybe you all must be too excited to buy this amazing gadget. Well yes who wouldn’t be ? This device has created a big hype just in 2-3 days after it’s launch. We have already published … Read More

Google Nexus 7 vs Microsoft Surface vs iPad 3: Comparison

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Along with Apple and Microsoft, Google is now totally in the tablet market with it’s all new Google Nexus 7 manufactured by Asus. Talking from a newbie perspective, Google Nexus 7 is the tablet you all have been waiting for, trust me. A tablet which has been designed to bring visual experience to life and which is the first device … Read More

All you need to about the Nexus Q : The Media Streamer

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Google I/O 2012 is by far the best keynote we have ever seen. They released a couple of new devices like Nexus 7 Tablet other than the Android JellyBean 4.1 and updates to Google+. As Google said that they have a few surprises, they kept their promise. They released a new device which Google developed from scratch, the Nexus Q.