You can Now Easily Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails on Gmail

Someone said it right : “When you decide to buy something, make sure you’re ready to receive one marketing email from them for the rest of your life” and it is so annoying when E-commerce sites keeps sending you mails with latest deals and news which you’re less concerned for and moreover, it is such a pain in the ass to find a way to unsubscribe from such emails but Google has a solution to it with Gmail’s new unsubscribe feature.Originally Google had such a feature introduced in 2009. The mechanism previously worked but only if users marked an email as spam, but not all emails were long recognized with advertising intentions as such.

Users should welcome the function, Advertisers, however, hardly. Finally valid e-mail marketing is still the most effective method for the conversion of customers. Google itself is trying to calm tempers on the part of the advertising industry: “We want to protect users from spam, but also help advertisers to reach their users,” said Vijay Eranti, Gmail Manager at Google, at a marketing conference in San Francisco. The new method creates one transparency and protect advertisers so before that user select desired promotional e-mails as spam by mistake.



Users can use the “unsubscribe” link prominently placed in the header of an email to avoid annoying advertises in future faster from their mailbox. The link appears in some promotional e-mails to the right of the name and e-mail address of the sender. Who also, for example, canceled a newsletter, do it immediately after the click and no additional precautions.Google only informs the respective companies with an automatic e-mail that the user has been deleted from the distribution. Until now, the feature is not yet available to all users, the roll-out is expected to continue until the end of this week. Cheers!

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