Bye bye Hotmail, Welcome Outlook!

You must’ve got to know about it by now, but Microsoft launched a new email service today. It’s called Outlook, and it’s a completely new, built from scratch email service. For the time being, Outlook will exist as a separate email service, and you can upgrade your Hotmail account to Outlook also. Over a million users signed up for Outlook in the first few hours of it its public launch.

Most people might be thinking why Microsoft didn’t give Hotmail a overhaul instead of creating a new service? Well, there are two valid excuses. First, the technical one: Microsoft engineers found it easier to create a new service from scratch than renovate the old one. Second, the honest one: Microsoft knows that Hotmail has a bad impression from users, thanks to those banner and flash ads. The company frankly said that it doesn’t want to compete with GMail, but rather tap away some of its growing userbase to a much better service. Outlook offers a beautiful and simple user interface, heavily MetroUI-ish and far cleaner from the present-day Hotmail. It also features direct integration with Facebook, Twitter and Skype conferencing —delivering a clear shot across the bow for Google and Gmail. There are no ads – Yes, no video adverts, and no targeted ads on messages between people. There are more new features and enhancements which we’ll talk about in the tour post tomorrow. The service is now open to public, and you will get virtually unlimited email storage, along with 7GB of free Skydrive Storage, if you create a new Microsoft account.

To sign up, simply head over to


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