Blogging as a Career in India

More often our parents teaches us about getting a posh job in some of the leading companies around the world. When I asked for becoming a professional blogger, they said straight on my face “NO”. They might not be knowing about pros and cons of blogging or they must’ve not understood the means of earning through it. I’m all new here in this field and with this I’ve analysed some facts which can be implemented by myself in the future. Here I go!

Internet has emerged as the biggest and vast industry in the past few years. We often see people getting check by Google for their good work. That’s not it, blogging has no bounds of earning, the more you’re knowledgeable the more you earn. India has a lot of bloggers but only few of them are professional ones. All you need to have is patience. Blogging needs patience along with a smart work.

[Note]Why Blogging is awesome?[/Note]
If you’re running your own blog, you can write posts according to your needs, assume that it’s december time, and you’re into your cosy bed with a hot coffee and a cosy blanket, who doesn’t want this kind of job, but infact, only bloggers have freedom of these.

[Note]Okay, what’s a professional blogger? [/Note]
A full-time blogger is a person who is solely into the business of blogging and is not indulged in any other activity for his livelihood or the one whose main source of income is blogging.

[Note]Blogging is a risky but brisk business, how?[/Note]
Amit Aggarwal, who writes at Labnol, earns $36,000 per month, that’s around 18 lacs per month. That’s his present, now look into his past, he left his posh job at Goldman Sachs in the year 2004 and did not earn even a single dollar till 2006, this example shows how much dedication is required for blogging.

[Note]What it takes to be one of the successful blogger?
[/Note]The answer is ‘Knowledge’. With proper knowledge, you can achieve anything you want, there are no bounds of earning in the blogging field, you can earn more than billions in blogging arena if you want to.

India wants a lot of entrepreneurs who can fulfil their own dreams, not others. Be a leader, not a follower. If you work at a posh company earning good bucks, you’re not fulfilling your own dream, you’re simply faking it. share your thoughts and let me know which are the problems you’re facing?

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