Blackberry 10: Interesting discoveries

Blackberry 10 is just a few weeks away from its global unveiling and launch and there has been lots of leaks, revealing device specs, OS features and more. While browsing through the file system on my Dev Alpha, I discovered many interesting bits of information which I am going to share with you all today. I could’ve got access to more information but certain files were locked and inaccessible from my filesystem browsing app which I sideloaded, probably because I didn’t have enough security privileges to access them. It was not possible to copy anything from the internal filesystem to SD card so I cannot provide download links to any item but I have screenshots as proof!

More than 2 Blackberry 10 devices?

We all know there will be two Blackberry 10 devices which will be launched this tear. One will be a full-touch Blackberry Z10 and a QWERTY X10. But it looks like RIM may be planning to launch more devices, other than the two mentioned above. I was viewing the string output of a certain file and I saw the words Colt, London, Longbow, Winchester, Blackforest and Henry in it:

Image 1


We all know Colt and London were the codenames for the full-touch Blackberry 10 devices. Colt was later scrapped, leaving only London. But what about LongbowWinchesterBlackforest and Henry? Looks like RIM is planning to release more Blackberry 10 devices soon. Few names were mentioned in couple of places more:

Image 2

While browsing through some more folders, I saw a reference to Rubicon, which looks like another Blackberry 10 device and Winchester 2, which could be an upgraded Blackberry 10 Playbook.

Image 3

Most of the functionality is there in the Blackberry 10 build for Dev Alpha, just the shortcut/bar file to the feature/application is missing or hidden

I hate the fact that Blackberry 10 developers disabled/removed a lot of features from the Blackberry 10 build for Dev Alpha. But it looks like most of the stuff is just there, only the shortcut to the feature/appropriate bar file is missing or the functionality has been temporarily disabled by modifying certain variables in certain .conf files associated with those features. Example – I found out that the entire Phone subsystem is there, just the bar file is missing:

Image 4

BBM with video calling is there

Yes, video calling is coming with BBM for Blackberry 10. Although it’s inaccessible, there are references to it in few places:

Image 5

Image 6

There is going to be an Siri-alternative, or something similar

I saw a lot of audio files related to something called “voice_app” which I guess refers to a voice recognition app, something along the lines of Siri and S-voice:

Image 7

The Dev Alpha uses a ST-Ericsson cellular modem

Yes, the Dev Alpha comes with a STE-M5730 cellular modem (not a Qualcomm one), which also supports HSPA+ 21Mbps. So it could mean the final devices will too have a ST-Ericsson cellular modem, atleast in the GSM variant.

Image 8

Blackberry 10 phones will incorporate Synaptics multi-touch technology

I saw references to Synaptics too, when viewing the string output of some touch library files which means the multi-touch gestures are being driven by Synaptics’s technology.

Image 9

LTE Blackberry 10 phones might have a Qualcomm processor instead of an OMAP 44xx one

RIM will most likely be going for a Qualcomm LTE cellular modem for their LTE-enabled Blackberry 10 phones and using a Qualcomm processor makes sense. I saw references to MSM 8960 (S4 Plus) and 8660 (S3) in certain files:

Image 11

Blackberry 10 will support DLNA

Although the feature is inaccessible from anywhere in Dev Alpha, looks like Blackberry 10 will support DLNA too:

Image 12

That’s all for now. If I happen to get access to more information, I will update this post. Do you have anything interesting to share regarding Blackberry 10? Comment below!

Susan Hannan is a content writer and Marketing Executive who is recently pass sgo-001 and in future he wants to get certified with S90-15a .

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