18 Best Chrome Extensions I personally Love

Google Chrome is one of the most used browser having 36% marketshare in comparison of Firefox which has 36.6% of marketshare. I know the fact is that chrome sometimes gets to no responding mode and often hangs but if you’re a mac user like me, trust me, Chrome is the best which never hangs. I’ve not seen it getting into no responding mode ever since I am using it yet.

Just as much as I love chrome, I love the range of extensions it has to offer as well. There are huge number of chrome extensions available and here I’m building a list of those chrome extensions which I personally use, which I personally love and which I would personally recommend. So, here goes my list as per alphabetical order.

best chrome extensions

Best Chrome Extensions :

  1. 1Password : Allows me to store login details of all the site at one place and can be used anytime needed.
  2. Alexa Traffic Rank : Me being a blogger, it’s somewhat important to keep track of website ranking and this tool shows instant rank of a website I’m visiting.
  3. Awesome Screenshot : One of the most important and handy extension. Allows me to take screenshot, edit it and share or save it instantly.
  4. Cortex : Loved reading a page or browsing a website? Long click on the page and it gets shared to your Twitter and Facebook. As simple as that!
  5. Daily Stats for Google Analytics : Gives me the ability to check the blog traffic analytics by just one click without going to Google Analytics site.
  6. ESPN Cricinfo : I’m a huge cricket fan if you know me well and this is a handy piece of extension to keep track of all the matches and news happening.
  7. FastestChrome : It automatically loads the next page of a website so you don’t have to click on “Next page”.
  8. Firebug Lite for Chrome : Makes css editing of a site way too easy with just couple of clicks.
  9. goo.gl URL Shortener : The name says it all. Shortens the current url with goo.gl service for you to share anywhere.
  10. Hover Zoom : This extension is a boon while browsing Facebook or any other site having pictures. It automatically makes the picture full size just by a mouse hover.
  11. Magic Actions for YouTube :  In simple words, it makes the YouTube video watching experience sexy!
  12. Postponer Adder : Liked an article? Click on the icon and it saves the link to your ReadItLater list.
  13. Save as PDF : One click on the icon converts the current page to PDF and saves you to your PC.
  14. SEO Site Tools : One tool for every SEO need : On-Page / External metrics, Social Media info, PR / numbering on Yahoo, Bing, Google SERPs and more!
  15. Shareaholic : The easiest way to share pages to social bookmarking sites in one go.
  16. Stay Focused : Okay, whenever I go to Facebook, it stops me from doing other works. This extension stops me from accessing Facebook! Any site in that case.
  17. WhoWorks.At : Visiting a site? Click on this extension and it’ll show you if you have any person in your network working for that website. cool? get it!
  18. YSlow : Important extension if you’re a web developer. Checks the site with many parameters and shows a score out of 100.

What Others Like :

I performed a small survey where I asked people from my twitter about that one extension they love the most and below are the answers. You can search the name in the chrome extension directory.

So, which one was new to you? Any addition to the list by you? Let me know by your comments below and I would really love to try or at least, let me know that one extension you love the most!

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